A Compact, Semi-Automatic Bottling and Capping Machine for Small Microbreweries and Wineries

The MicroBottler is simple to operate and enables users to bottle beer, soda, wine, cider, juices, and other carbonated and non-carbonated beverages.

Priced at $19,900. Contact us for any PROMOTIONAL pricing in effect today!

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The MicroBottler beverage bottling line against a transparent background
* Shown with Optional Wheel Base
Sliding bottle trays for use with the MicroBottler Bottling MachineMicroBottler Bottling and Capping Machine in useClose up of MicroBottler Bottling and Capping Machine with four bottles that have just been capped

MicroBottler Features

Simple Setup

Minimal setup, configuration, and maintenance required. Simple to operate, and easily operated by one individual.


Capable of bottling and capping or corking up to eight bottles per minute. Transfers bottles smoothly for further processing.


Accommodates bottles ranging in size from 12 to 25 ounces. Quickly and easily reconfigures without the use of tools.


Bottles beer, soda, cider, wine, and juice. Fills from a keg, bright tank, or vat. Pump can be added for non-carbonated beverages.

Watch How it Works MicroBottler video showcasing how the small scale semi-automated bottler works

Small-Scale Beverage, Wine & Craft Beer Bottling Equipment Innovations

DK Advanced Technologies began when a local innovator and his team combined their love of beer with their knack for manufacturing to meet the needs of small local microbreweries.

As avid homebrewers and microbrew company entrepreneurs in the Glens Falls area struggled to bottle their beers efficiently, the team at DK Advanced Technologies saw an opportunity. With access to a state of the art manufacturing facility, first hand home brewing experience, and an innovative idea, they set off on a mission to create a machine that would enable small microbreweries to bottle their beverages affordably and efficiently.

The end result was the MicroBottler – a compact, semi-automatic filling and capping machine perfectly suited for small microbreweries, and the first of many small-scale beverage bottling innovations to come from DK Advanced Technologies.

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Looking for an affordable small-scale bottling solution that can benefit your business? Find out how our MicroBottler can work for you! Give us a call at 518-747-0626 or contact us online for more details.

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