Beer Bottling Equipment: A Low Cost Beer Bottler for the Micro Brew Industry

Three bottles of beer bottled using beer bottling equipmentHere at DK Advanced Technologies, we are particularly passionate about two things: manufacturing high quality products and enjoying delicious beer. Knowing that, it’s probably not too surprising that we ventured into the beer bottling equipment industry.

We set out to develop and manufacture a small scale beer bottling line that was compact, efficient and affordable. Our goal was to create a beer bottler that was ideal for microbreweries and for bottling small batches of craft beer.

The result was our semi automatic beer bottling line now known as the MicroBottler.

Our Beer Bottler: The MicroBottler From DK Advanced Technologies

The MicroBottler is an affordably priced beer bottling line that is designed to operate with minimal setup and maintenance. It is a completely unique piece of beer bottling equipment, designed with the needs of small microbreweries specifically in mind.

The MicroBottler:

When it comes to small scale beer bottling, no other piece of beer bottling equipment on the market can compete with our MicroBottler. And, even better, the MicroBottler is versatile enough to be used to bottle more than just beer. It can also bottle cider, soda, juice and other beverages.

Bottling Beer Efficiently with Our High Quality Beer Bottling Equipment

With the MicroBottler from DK Advanced Technologies, you can easily and affordably take your brewing efforts to the next level. Our innovative beer bottler is ideal for small microbreweries and bottling beers brewed in small batches. (Check out these local breweries that have already put our MicroBottler to work for them!) It’s also perfect for those avid home brewers looking to take their hobby to the next level by turning their home brewing into a business.

Think the MicroBottler might be right for you or your small brewing business? Give us a call today at (518) 747-0626 or contact us online to learn more about the MicroBottler and how it can help you bottle beer more easily and efficiently.

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