Cider Bottling Equipment: Bottling Cider With the MicroBottler

cider bottlingAs the microbrewery scene has continued to grow in Upstate NY and throughout the US, cideries have become increasingly popular as well. There are dozens of delicious hard ciders currently on the market. A number of them come from small cideries, and some are even locally made!

If you are an entrepreneur looking to get into the cider bottling business, or if you already have a small cidery and you are hoping to expand your distribution, you’ve come to the right place.

At DK Advanced Technologies, we manufacture the cider bottling equipment you need to do just that!

The MicroBottler Makes Bottling Cider Easy

The MicroBottler is a small scale, semi automatic bottling line that was designed with the microbrewing industry in mind. While it’s perfect for bottling beers, it’s also ideal for bottling other craft beverages like cider and soda!

With the MicroBottler, filling and capping cider bottles is easy and efficient! Trays with bottles are manually fed through the machine, which can fill and cap up to 8 bottles per minute.

Our cider bottler can accommodate a variety of bottle sizes, ranging from 12 ounces to 25 ounces, and can be easily adjusted to fit either size. It also features an easy to use operation panel with a timer to make the cider bottling process as easy as possible.

The MicroBottler can be easily operated by one person and is a great way to increase the efficiency of your cider bottling process without breaking the bank. It’s affordably priced and requires minimal maintenance, so you can focus on brewing delicious hard cider without having to worry about pausing to repair your small scale cider bottling equipment.

Learn More About Our Semi Automatic Cider Bottling Line

The MicroBottler from DK Advanced Technologies makes bottling cider easy, affordable and efficient. Our small scale cider bottling equipment is like no other product on the market, plus it is versatile enough to be used for bottling other craft beverages including beer, soda, juice and more.

Learn more about how you can use our MicroBottler beverage bottling line to grow your small cidery, increase your distribution, and enhance your business. Give us a call today at (518) 747-0626 or contact us online with questions or to request more information! You can also follow us on Facebook for updates and cider bottling tips from the DK Advanced Technologies team!

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