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The MicroBottler: An Affordable Semi-Automatic Filling & Capping Machine

The first in a series of products that facilitate efficient small-scale beverage bottling to come from DK Advanced Technologies, the MicroBottler is a compact semi-automatic bottling, capping, and corking machine designed with the microbrew industry in mind. Enabling users to bottle and cap beer, soda, wine, cider, juice, and other carbonated and non-carbonated beverages, the MicroBottler is a versatile, cost-effective option for small microbreweries.

Simple, Easy to Use Beverage Bottling Line

Designed to operate with minimal setup and maintenance, the MicroBottler fills and caps up to eight bottles per minute. It can fill bottles ranging in size from 12 to 25 ounces (750mL), and can be quickly and easily reconfigured to accommodate bottles of either size.

How Our Craft Beverage Bottling Line Works:

Bottles are fed into the semi-automatic MicroBottler beverage bottling line by hand in a custom tray. These trays align four bottles in an upright position, passing them smoothly through the machine and on for further processing after they have been filled and capped.

The bottle filling machine features an easy to use operation panel, complete with a timer to facilitate the bottling process. It can be operated easily by one individual and can be equipped to fill from a keg, bright tank, or vat. A pump can be added for non carbonated and unpressurized containers.

Our innovative beverage bottling line can also be easily converted for corking, making it a versatile and affordable option for bottlers in a number of industries.

Find out how easy it is to get started with bottling your own beers, ciders, sodas and more today! Give us a call at (518) 747-0626 or contact us online for more information.

Interested in learning more about where to start when it comes to small scale bottling? Check out our guide to getting started with craft beverage bottling.

Small Scale Bottling Technology at a Cost You Can Afford

The MicroBottler is American-made, designed, assembled and produced in Fort Edward, NY. It is UL listed for both electrical safety and sanitation, and is the only bottler of its kind, available exclusively from DK Advanced Technologies.

Find out how our innovative, affordable bottle filling machine can benefit your microbrewery or avid home brewing efforts! Contact DK Advanced Technologies at (518) 747-0626 or complete our easy online contact form to learn more about the MicroBottler and its various applications in the beer, wine, and beverage industries.

MicroBottler Pricing

Base Machine: $19,900


  • Machine Base with Wheels: $1,395
  • CO² bottle adapter (Purge & Keg only): $145
  • CO² bottle adapter (Entire Process): $385
  • Compressed air conversion: $265
  • Keg Adapter D (US Kegs) Sanke: $62
  • Keg Adapter S (Euro Kegs): $115
  • Keg Adapter A, G, M & U Kegs: $165
  • Bottle Tote: $135
  • 12 Bottle Washer System: $265
  • 24 Bottle Washer System: $265
  • Fast Rack – 12: $18
  • 12 Bottle Washer Only: $235
  • 24 Bottle Washer Only: $235
  • Fast Rack – 24: $18
  • Fast Rack Tray – 12: $15
  • Fast Rack Tray – 24: $15
  • SS Drying Rack: $975

Upcoming Products

Corking Attachment
In the early design stage of an attachment that will allow your MicroBottler to cork wine, Belgian and champagne style bottles.

Cap Sorter/Presenter
An attachment for the MicroBottler that places cap under capping head automatically, to save valuable time.

Will be for the output side of the MicroBottler, after capping,  so you don’t have to rinse and dry bottles by hand.

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